UNIQUM The missing link

A Swedish antireverse fly reel that is based on a unique technological idea.

Designed with CAD technology and with ISO-tolerances.

UNIQUM is the result of many years of reflection and testing.

Enjoy full control                                                                  


The most common fly reels with anti-reverse function have a separate braking system with a difficult-to-use slider or dial. The reason the fly reels with separate braking mechanisms don’t work well, is that extending the line requires a different drag than reeling it in. These reels require awkward grip adjustments to properly adjust the tension, rendering them difficult to use. UNIQUM breaks the trend by introducing a reel where the easy to use braking mechanism is integrated into the crank itself.


UNIQUM’s drag tension is easily adjusted using the crank to compress and release the integrated brake pads, controlling the line. To decrease the drag, simply pull the crank toward you to release tension. To increase resistance, move the crank in the opposite direction. The brake works smoothly and evenly. Although moisture might reduce the immediacy of the brake effect, it does not affect the brake’s performance, and is easily adjusted with the crank. In addition, the spool edge is rounded to enable manual braking.  There is no need to change grip, and the flow of following the movements of the fish remains intuitive and uninterrupted. You can custom order your UNIQUM with a left or right side crank mount.



The UNIQUM reel consists of superior, salt water resistant components, and is designed to withstand the rougher conditions of ocean fishing. All SS 6262 aluminium parts (spool, housing, crank, and rod attachment) are CNC cut, black, anodized aluminium, with a satin finish. 


The housing has an open design with two stays; the upper with a rolling presser foot, the lower provides line tracking. The cogwheels are laser cut in stainless steel and friction resistant bronze; all rotating parts are encased in four stainless steel ball bearings. A densely cogged ratchet wheel offers some lag.


The brake pads consist of stainless and Kevlar washers, able to withstand high pressure and heat. The force of the axial braking system is radially transferred to the spool axis. The 1:2.25 exchange (ratio?) offers a very rapid retrieval of line, on land or sea, accommodating all manners of fish behaviour.

Reel is ordered right or left handle